ZKCPlus: Optimized Fair-exchange Protocol Supporting Practical and Flexible Data Exchange

CCS 2021, download

Yun Li , Cun Ye , Yuguang Hu , Ivring Morpheus , Yu Guo , Chao Zhang , Yupeng Zhang , Zhipeng Sun , Yiwen Lu , Haodi Wang .


Devising a fair-exchange protocol for digital goods has been an appealing line of research in the past decades. The Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payment (ZKCP) protocol first achieves fair exchange in a trustless manner with the aid of the Bitcoin network and zeroknowledge proofs. However, it incurs setup issues and substantial proving overhead, and has difficulties handling complicated validation of large-scale data.

In this paper, we propose an improved solution ZKCPlus for practical and flexible fair exchange. ZKCPlus incorporates a new commit-and-prove non-interactive zero-knowledge (CP-NIZK) argument of knowledge under standard discrete logarithmic assumption, which is prover-efficient for data-parallel computations. With this argument we avoid the setup issues of ZKCP and reduce seller’s proving overhead, more importantly enable the protocol to handle complicated data validations.

We have implemented a prototype of ZKCPlus and built several applications atop it.We rework a ZKCP’s classic application of trading sudoku solutions, and ZKCPlus achieves 21-67× improvement in seller efficiency than ZKCP, with only milliseconds of setup time and 1 MB public parameters. In particular, our CP-NIZK argument shows an order of magnitude higher proving efficiency than the zkSNARK adopted by ZKCP. We also built a realistic application of trading trained CNN models. For a 3-layer CNN containing 8,620 parameters, it takes less than 1 second to prove and verify an inference