Zhiniang Peng, Qihoo 360 Core Security

Security Risks in Zero Knowledge Proof Cryptocurrencies

14:00-15:00pm April 09, 2020

academic talk @ zoom, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Speaker: Zhiniang Peng, Qihoo 360 Core Security


Zero knowledge proof (ZKP) is a security mechanism widely used in blockchains, e.g., Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. However, few attentions have been paid on its security and privacy issues. In this talk, the speaker will share some recent incidents and vulnerabilities in ZKP implementations.


Dr. Zhiniang Peng is a senior security researcher at Qihoo 360 Core Security. His research focus lies in crypto, software security and threat analysis. He has found dozens of critical security vulnerabilities in modern systems, and developed several products for protecting data security.

Prof. David Basin, ETH Zurich

Security Protocols: Model Checking Standards

10:00-11:00am January 15, 2020

academic talk @ FIT Building, Room 3-225, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Speaker: Prof. David Basin, ETH Zurich


The design of security protocols is typically approached as an art, rather than a science, and often with disastrous consequences. But this need not be so! I have been working for ca. 20 years on foundations, methods, and tools, both for developing protocols that are correct by construction and for the post-hoc verification of existing designs. In this talk I will introduce my work in this area and describe my experience analyzing, improving, and contributing to different industry standards, both existing and upcoming.