Kaiwen Shen (沈凯文)

Tsinghua University, Network and Information Security Lab, Ph.D.17, PhD candidate
Tsinghua University FIT Building 1-213
[email protected]
CTFer in #Redbud#, #Bluelotus# and #Tea-Devliverers#

Research Interests

  • Protocol security
  • Data Security
  • Web Security

CTF Career

I collect interesting web challenges in my github repo.

I’d like to write technical posts and ctf write-ups on my blog.



  1. [DSN’20] Weizhong Li, Kaiwen Shen, Run Guo, Baojun Liu, Jia Zhang, Haixin Duan, Shuang Hao, Xiarun Chen, and Yao Wang. CDN Backfired: Amplification Attacks Based on HTTP Range Requests. Accepted by the 50th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, Valencia, Spain, July 2020.
  2. [NDSS’20] Ruo Guo, Weizhong Li, Baojun Liu, Shuang Hao, Haixin Duan, Jia Zhang, Kaiwen Shen, Jianjun Chen and Ying Liu. CDN Judo: Breaking the CDN DoS Protection with Itself. Accepted by the ISOC Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), San Diego, CA, Feb. 2020. Slides Download [PDF Version].