Yuan Li (李媛)

2018 PHD student of Tsinghua University
FIT 4-206 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084
[email protected]
Network and Information Security Lab (NISL)
Institute for Network Science and Cyberspace

Research Interests

  • Software Security, System Security
  • Hardware features
  • Preventing exploits with software-hardware co-design



  1. PACMem: Enforcing Spatial and Temporal Memory Safety via ARM Pointer Authentication

    Yuan Li, Wende Tan, Zhizheng Lv, Songtao Yang, Mathias Payer, Ying Liu, Chao Zhang* In ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’22), Los Angeles, CA, USA, Nov 2022

  2. Finding Cracks in Shields: On the Security of Control Flow Integrity Mechanisms

    Yuan Li, Mingzhe Wang, Chao Zhang*, Xingman Chen, Songtao Yang, Ying Liu In the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’20), virtual, Nov 9–13, 2020

  3. vCFI: Visible Control Flow Integrity for Cloud Tenants

    Yuan Li, Chao Zhang*, and Xiapu Luo. In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on System Software for Trusted Execution.(SysTEX 2017), Oct 2017

  4. ROLoad: Securing Sensitive Operations with Pointee Integrity

    Wende Tan, Yuan Li, Chao Zhang*, Xingman Chen, Songtao Yang, Ying Liu, Jianping Wu In Design Automation Conference (DAC’21)

  5. PTStore: Lightweight Architectural Support for Page Table Isolation

    Wende Tan, Yangyu Chen, Yuan Li, Ying Liu, Jianping Wu, Yu Ding, and Chao Zhang* To appear in Design Automation Conference (DAC), San Francisco, CA, USA, July 9-13 2023

  6. MTSan: A Feasible and Practical Memory Sanitizer for Fuzzing COTS Binaries

    Xingman Chen, Yinghao Shi, Zheyu Jiang, Yuan Li, Ruoyu Wang, Haixin Duan, Haoyu Wang, Chao Zhang* To appear in the 32th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security’23), ANAHEIM, CA, USA, AUGUST 9–11, 2023


  • CCF Outstanding College Student Award, 2017

Professional Service

Artifact Evaluation Committee:

  • USENIX OSDI 2022
  • USENIX ATC 2022