Yuan Li (李媛)

清华大学 清华大学网络与信息安全实验室 18级博士研究
[email protected]

Research Interests

  • 软件安全,系统安全
  • 硬件特性的利用与绕过
  • 通过软件-硬件协同设计防止攻击



  1. ROLoad: Securing Sensitive Operations with Pointee Integrity Wende Tan, Yuan Li, Chao Zhang*, Xingman Chen, Songtao Yang, Ying Liu, Jianping Wu To appear in Design Automation Conference (DAC’21)

  2. Finding Cracks in Shields: On the Security of Control Flow Integrity Mechanisms
    Yuan Li, Mingzhe Wang, Chao Zhang*, Xingman Chen, Songtao Yang, Ying Liu To appear in the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’20), virtual, Nov 9–13, 2020

  3. vCFI: Visible Control Flow Integrity for Cloud Tenants
    Yuan Li, Chao Zhang*, and Xiapu Luo. In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on System Software for Trusted Execution.(SysTEX 2017), Oct 2017


  • 2017年度CCF优秀大学生奖