Kaixiang Chen (陈凯翔)

2018 PHD student of Tsinghua University
FIT 4-206 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 100084
[email protected]
Network and Information Security Lab (NISL)
Institute for Network Science and Cyberspace
CTFer in #Redbud# and #Bluelotus#

Research Interests

  • Software Security, System Security, AI Security
  • Vulnerability analysis (discovery, mitigation, pwn)
  • Malware analysis (detection)
  • Cool stuff: IoT, blockchain …



  1. Exploit-oriented Automated Information Leakage
    Songtao Yang, Kaixiang Chen, Zhun Wang, Chaozhang* In the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (Journal of Software’22), Xian, China, Dec 2021

  2. VScape: Assessing and Escaping Virtual Call Protections
    Kaixiang Chen, Chao Zhang*, Tingting Yin, Xingman Chen, Lei Zhao
    In USENIX Security (Sec’21), virtual, Aug 2021

  3. iDEV: Exploring and Exploiting Semantic Deviations in ARM Instruction Processing
    Shisong Qin, Chao Zhang*, Kaixiang Chen, Zheming Li
    In the ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA’21), virtual, July 2021

  4. Revery: from Proof-of-Concept to Exploitable (One Step towards Automatic Exploit Generation)
    Yan Wang, Chao Zhang*, Xiaobo Xiang, Zixuan Zhao, Wenjie Li, Xiaorui Gong, Bingchang Liu, Kaixiang Chen, Wei Zou
    In the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS’18), Toronto, Canada, Oct 2018