On the origin of Zhuge’s clan by the method of historical geography

National Zhuge Liang Academic Symposium 2019, download

Jianwei Zhuge .


Taking historical geography as the research methodology, this paper re-combs and verifies the “theory of the migration of Zhuge to Yangdu” of Zhuge’s origin, puts forward the rational derivation basis to support the migration of Zhuge Feng from Zhucheng to Yangdu, and proves that the “migration of Zhuge Feng to Yangdu” occurred between around 78 BC and 44 BC, which is most likely to be inferred as the “Zhucheng Changle earthquake” on June 1, 70 BC. After the earthquake, (Zhu)Ge Feng moved his people from Zhucheng to Yangdu in order to avoid the disaster after the earthquake. Since the surname Ge existed in Yangdu, the family of Gefeng was called Zhuge, so (Zhu) Gefeng and his family are the first ancestors of Zhuge.