Tingting Yin (殷婷婷)

清华大学 清华大学网络与信息安全实验室 博士研究生
[email protected]
清华大学网研院 NISL 实验室


  • 模糊测试
  • macOS 内核安全
  • 区块链与智能合约安全
  • 软件与系统安全、自动化漏洞挖掘、…


  1. An Empirical Study on Implicit Constraints in Smart Contract Static Analysis
    Tingting Yin, Chao Zhang*, Yuandong Ni, Yixiong Wu, Taiyu Wong, Xiapu Luo, Zheming Li, Yu Guo
    44th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE-SEIP’22)

  2. VScape: Assessing and Escaping Virtual Call Protections
    Kaixiang Chen, Chao Zhang*, Tingting Yin, Xingman Chen, Lei Zhao
    The 30st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security’21)

  3. NSFuzz: Towards Efficient and State-Aware Network Service Fuzzing
    Shisong Qin, Fan Hu, Bodong Zhao, Tingting Yin, Chao Zhang*
    The 1st International Fuzzing Workshop (Fuzzing’22)

  4. CanCloak: Deceiving Two ECUs with One Frame
    Li Yue, Zheming Li, Tingting Yin, Chao Zhang*
    Workshop on Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Security (AutoSec’21)