(1) Funded Project

  • CNGI Project: Identification, Authentication and Credit Service System for Campus Networks based on Validated Source IP Addresses. PI: Prof. Jianping Wu, Prof. Haixin Duan, 2009-2011;
  • Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program Sub-Program:Trusted Internet Security Service——Public Key Infrastructure, PI: Prof. Haixin Duan, 2009-2011;
  • 973 Project: Internet Governance and Security Research based on Autonomy Management, PI: Prof. Jilong Wang, Prof. Haixin Duan, 2009-2014.
  • NSFC Project: Mechanism Analysis and Detection Methods of Drive-by Download Exploits, PI: Prof Jianwei Zhuge, 2011-2013.

(2) Self-motivated Projects

  • Web-based Network Access Authentication and Web SSO System
  • Consesi: Collaborative network security service infrastructure
  • IPv6 SocialVPN (SocialVPN)
  • TCP Protocol Security Analysis and Intrusion Detection Evasion Techniques
  • The Artemis Team: Exploit and Malware research