Defcon 20 CTF全球黑客大赛,清华Blue-lotus团队联合Syclover, Insight-Labs及众外援闯入全球前二十名

Defcon 20 CTF全球黑客大赛刚刚于6月4日8:30分落下帷幕,历时48个小时,清华Blue-lotus团队联合Syclover Insight-Labs团队及众外援共同奋战,经过两昼夜不间断情节跌宕起伏的鏖战,Blue-lotus大团队最终获得3600分,在总共五百多支队伍中闯入全球前二十名的首页榜单,不过没有创造奇迹,差一个key没有获得拉斯维加斯的门票,再接再励,明年我们再来!

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Defcon 20 CTF全球黑客大赛,清华Blue-lotus团队联合Syclover, Insight-Labs及众外援闯入全球前二十名》有 2 条评论

  1. Anthony Lai from VXRL说:

    Dear Chinese fellows,

    I just think there are only Hong Kong and Taiwan teams to join the game, welcome and I feel very happy to have more Chinese teams to join 🙂

    Let’s keep sharing and contac.

    You all have done a very great work indeed ^_^

    • zhugejw说:

      Hi Anthony,
      Nice to receive your msg again, this is the first year our blue-lotus team enjoying the defcon ctf game, but syclover already joined the game last year. Hope to communicate with you guys in hong kong and taiwan more closely, on the hacker games and other research topics.
      I saw you also active in the honeynet project’s maillist, hope to see you in some security meeting somewhere.